The company will be leveraging its proprietary cores under development to produce leading edge Systems on a Chips (SOC). An innovative modular architecture based on the RISC-V Instruction set Architecture (ISA) that brings top performance under critical constraints.

Mosaik Tech. Disruptive processor to boost the future!


In MOSAIK we have built a unique team, including technology and business veterans with wide and proven experience in leading semiconductor projects. After having successfully launched high-end processor companies, we have joined forces to develop next generation processor. Now, we are boosting the future!


RISC-V ISA delivers a new level of free, extensible software and hardware freedom on architecture, paving the way for the next 50 years of computing design and innovation. The RISC-V Foundation comprises more than 235 members building the first open, collaborative community of software and hardware innovators powering innovation at the edge forward. The Free and Open RISC Instruction Set Architecture!gl



This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 877077-XPU


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